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Hayfield Blossom Chunky yarn Review

Hey there! So I thought I would try something a little different with this blog post; instead of writing about one of my latest creations I thought I’d start reviewing some of the yarns that I love to use (I do use a lot!) and share the yarn love right here! So for my first… Continue reading Hayfield Blossom Chunky yarn Review

Kids Fashion · Knit and Crochet

Denim dress upcycled 2 ways

For this project I have teamed up with my lovely talented friends over at Little Button Diaries as we took on this gorgeous £6 Asda dress. It is the perfect blank canvas and was just crying out for a little customisation. So we bought one each and came up with our own individual up-cycled design for our… Continue reading Denim dress upcycled 2 ways

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How to make a Quilted Pocket Bag

My daughter just loves loves loves a bag. The cutest thing is the way she holds them; resting her bag on her forearm like a little old lady whilst foraging around the house and garden looking for interesting things to stash. The contents are usually a varying selection of dolls, snacks and Power Rangers borrowed… Continue reading How to make a Quilted Pocket Bag