Novelty Project

How to make Xmas wreath decorations


Well the start of December is finally upon us and so it is officially O.K  to press play on the Christmas tunes and dig out the festive jumpers from the back of the wardrobe!

Along with all the normal Christmas prep (buying/wrapping/cake making/last minute nativity costume-making) I love to make some decorations with the kids. I first made these cork-decorations a few years back and we tend to make them every year now. (Great teacher gifts by the way). These are made with wine corks and random buttons which I think gives them a lovely vintage 1950s glamour look.

You will need:

  • 2-3 corks per decoration
  • hot glue gun
  • serrated knife or saw
  • PVA glue
  • buttons
  • glitter
  • ribbon or twine

1. Start by cutting or sawing the corks into 1 cm deep pieces, when you have 8 fairly similar in size you have enough for one ‘wreath’. Lay out the circular shape ready for gluing together with the hot glue gun. Glue the pieces together side by side and then finish with a line of glue all around the middle of the wreath to help strengthen it.

2. At this stage your child can get involved with pasting on PVA glue, sticking on buttons and shaking or sprinkling on some glitter….

And that’s about it really! I found some pretty glitter bows in the bottom of my button box which I glued on after as a finishing touch. Super simple and passes an hour away nicely on a chilly morning….Thread through some ribbon or twine to pop them on your Christmas tree or hang them in your window…


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