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How to Applique


This week’s post is all about appliqueing a simple design. A few weeks back, I made these applique hoops as a gift for a bunny-obsessed 2 year old, to go with her bunny-themed party, naturally. (Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop!)

This is my very quick way to applique, and is possibly a little slap-dash. You don’t necessary have to use the embroidery hoops (they do come in handy for any hand embroidery you might like to do with your design) but mainly, they are for decorative purposes as you can frame and hang up your finished design in them.

You will need:

  • a selection of fabric pieces (a mixture of colour and prints is always good)
  • an embroidery hoop
  • sewing threads
  • ‘bondaweb’ or similar
  • sewing machine
  • iron

Approximate time needed: 2 hours

1. Start by drawing your design onto paper and laying out the shapes within your embroidery hoop, using a main piece of fabric as the background.


2. Following the instructions on the bondaweb packet; you should trace out your design onto the paper side of the bondaweb (remembering to reverse the design), then cut this out leaving a 1 cm around the edge of the design,  remove backing and iron it onto the fabric, then cut out the design neatly around the edges so you are left with the fabric shape ready to iron into position.


3. Once the design is secured with the bondaweb, sew around the edge of the pattern, either by machine or by hand, depending on the look you would like.


4. This is the other design I made…


5. Finish off by putting the design back into the hoop so you can add hand stitching or other details like buttons etc (I used a pom pom to make a little 3-D bunny tail!)


With some of the little pieces of lettering I didn’t even need to use bondaweb, I just cut, pinned and then sewed.

All ready for gifting! These are great for special occasions, anniversaries etc…


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