Novelty Project

How to make a Toddler Post-Box


Following on from my daughter’s obsession with Postman Pat and post in general, I have made these cute felt letters with a box for her to post them into. With 6 letters in different colours I’m hoping these should help with her colour recognition; currently everything to her is blue! They’re also a great way to develop imaginary role play and the ‘posting’ part should help encourage motor skills for littler toddlers.

You will need:

For the letters:

  • 6 squares of craft felt in different colours (plus one white)
  • 30×30 cm square of wadding
  • various colours of sewing thread
  • sewing machine
  • fabric scissors
  • pinking shears (optional)
  • fabric glue

For the post-box:

  • an empty tissue box (cube shape)
  • PVA glue mixed with a little water
  • newspaper
  • red paint

1. Start by cutting an 8×6 cm paper template for the felt squares. Pin and cut out 2 pieces of felt in each colour (front & back of the letters). Then use the paper template to cut 6 pieces of the wadding as this will be sandwiched in between the felt. Trim the cut wadding pieces down approximately 2-3 mm all around so that the wadding fits neatly inside the felt pieces.

cut the felt & wadding

2. On 1 of each of the coloured felt rectangles, embroider ‘writing’ on the front of the letters using your sewing machine and a contrasting coloured thread. I sewed a mixture of straight and wavy lines to give a handwriting effect. On the other ‘back’ pieces, use your sewing machine to embroider a simple ‘v’ shape like an envelope seal.

embroider onto front & back

3. Sandwiching the wadding between the front and back pieces, pin and sew all the way around the edge of the felt about 2mm from the edge.

sew pieces together

4. With pinking shears (or just regular scissors if you don’t have any) cut from the white felt 6 ‘stamps’ approx 15×18 mm and glue them into place with the fabric glue. (if you are worried this isn’t secure enough then you could sew them into place before you sandwich the letters together).

cut out stamp

5. To make the post-box, turn the tissue box upside down so the (usually oval) opening is at the bottom, this will be how you get the letters out once they’ve been posted. Cut with regular scissors at the top an opening for the letters approx 10cm wide by 1.5 cm. Using the PVA glue with a little water mixed in, paper mache the box to give it strength, leave to dry and then paint it with red acrylic paint to finish.

paper mache an old box

Your little one is ready to play! It’s so exciting to receive letters in the post (unless it’s a bill of course!) I hope to encourage my little ones to appreciate the art of the written word, rather than always relying on a screen to give them information!

Happy Sewing!


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