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How to make a Postman Pat Birthday Cake

This time last week we were celebrating our daughter’s 2nd Birthday! We were lucky enough to be able to have cake and sandwiches with friends in our sunny garden.

Postman Pat seems to be the man of the moment for my daughter and although he is on Cbeebies almost everyday there seems to be very little in the way of merchandise for presents etc, so the chances of purchasing a shop bought cake for her big day were nil. So here’s how I muddled through to make one on one of the hottest days of the year (sweating a bit thinking about it…)

You will need:

  • Ready-to-roll packets of fondant icing in grass green(x2)& (red, grey, white, yellow, brown & black, x1)
  • 2 tier basic vanilla sponge approx 20cm diameter
  • 1 square vanilla sponge approx 20cm across
  • buttercream icing (made with equal measures of sieved icing sugar and butter)
  • an edible writing pen in black
  • Postman Pat figure

Approximate time needed: 1 evening

1. So I started by being super organised and made the round sponges a couple of days in advance, wrapped them separately and popped them in the freezer, so the night before the party I took them out ready for assembling and decorating. (I find it so much easier to buttercream and decorate them when they are frozen!)

2. The square cake forms the van, and obviously can’t be cut up if it’s frozen, so if it has been frozen just make sure it’s had plenty of time to defrost. Make the van shape: cut x2 rectangular pieces about 5×10 cm, place one on top of the other and then cut down the one on top by approximately a third. Place on top of the round cake to check proportions.



3. Buttercream the 2 round cakes together, and then give them a good ‘crumb coat’ all over. Do the same with both layers of the van and crumb coat the surface all over, using lots of buttercream to mould a ‘windscreen’ between the layers.

crumb coat the cake
crumb coat the cake

4. Start rolling and decorating! I used 2 packets of the grass green to cover the whole surface of the round cake, then used a 7cm wide strip to make a ‘road’ with white lines down it. Then for the van I used the red, with more grey for the windows, black for the wheels with a smaller grey circle in the middle, yellow and white for the license plates and more yellow for the writing on the van. It all sounds rather simple putting it like that but it was a little testing in the heat as the icing kept overheating so it had to keep going in the fridge for short bursts!

starting to ice the cake!
starting to ice the cake!

5. For the finishing touches I made cube-shaped parcels from the brown icing, although fudge pieces would also work, and cut small & thin rectangles from white icing to make letters to scatter over the cake (these were good for hiding any cracks in the icing) and used the edible pen to write on them and the license plates.


We also used up some of the leftover icing by making personalised ‘post’ fairy cakes – I bought 24 plain fairy cakes from a well known superstore and used a fluted cutter to cut and cover the tops of the cakes, using Postman Pat colours of yellow and red. Then as with the letters for the main cake I used the white icing to make the ‘post’ with the edible pen to write the names of the guests coming to the party! I even got my son busy helping me…


We all had a great time & the little ones loved their named fairy cakes!



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