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Crochet Summer Bag


Hello! Thanks the summer holidays I am now 24/7 mummy so fitting in crafting time is hard & I haven’t had much blogging time over the last few weeks! However, I did manage to meet with my lovely friends from Little Button Diaries for a little crochet time and we have collaborated to make this Crochet Summer Bag, made mainly from granny squares!

The great thing about granny squares is that they take no time at all to crochet (the three-round ones used for this project take about 20 minutes) so you can really slot them into life with children- whilst they are napping or watching an episode of Postman Pat (I do love that man) and before you know it, you have a few squares to start a project with…

Granny squares are like little puzzle pieces, you can play around with their arrangement and experiment with sewing them together to make different things- from bedspreads to bags to bunting. We put together this cute summer ‘mum’ bag- it fits all your valuables in whilst you are running around after the kids in the park or at the beach this summer!

You will need:

At least 6 different colours/ balls of double knit weight yarn
Size 3 or 4 crochet hook
Large crochet hook (around an 8 or 10) for tassels
Tapestry needle
Small craft scissors

Approximate time needed: 3 or 4 evenings

1. Make x9 3-round granny squares, changing colour for each round

Make 18 squares
Make 18 squares

2. Sew in ends and lay out the squares in a 3×3 arrangement, one for the front and one for the back. Once you’ve decided on the final layout you can start to join them together using the double crochet method;

arrange the squares
arrange the squares

3. With the right side facing, start from top-right square and double crochet vertically down, by the time you get to the bottom you should have crocheted 6 squares together. Repeat for next vertical seam.

4. Then crochet together the two horizontal seams, from right to left. Repeat for back of bag, then sew in ends.

dc seams together

5. Double crochet the front and back together, with wrong sides together, start from top right and dc down, along the bottom and back up the left side of bag, sew in ends.

doc front & back seams
dc front & back seams

6. To make a bag strap, chain 6 and DC until you reach your desired length. We went for a strap long enough to go across-body, about 1 metre.

make the strap
make the strap

7. Make tassels; grab some card the length you’d like your tassels to be, wrap the yarn around a few times, making sure it’s all evenly spaced, cut the bottom yarn to free the tassel, and pinch the middle of the strands to keep the tassel together. Along the bottom seam of the bag insert a large crochet hook from back to front and pull through the tassel from the middle part of the strands until it’s mostly pulled all the way through, and with the ‘loop’ this creates you can pull the ends of the strands through this loop and secure.

Make as many tassels as you’d like to trim the bottom of the bag (as many as possible, right?) – and you are finished!

Hope you have found this crochet tutorial simple to follow, leave a comment below with any advice or feedback!



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