Novelty Project

How to make a Felt Crown


Despite still being confused about why the Queen has two birthdays, I just adore the patriotism and British-ness of all the celebrations leading up to royal events, like Her Majesty’s 90th.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating with barbecues, a village street party, British weather, copious amounts of cake (& tea) and dressing up in felt crowns (obviously).

You will need:

  • one piece of 22×22 cm felt in navy blue
  • oddments of felt in various colours
  • fabric scissors
  • a length of petersham ribbon approx 30mm wide and long enough to go around widest part of head and tie at back
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine
  • metallic sewing thread (optional)

Approximate time needed: 2 hours

1. Start by making the simple crown shape: fold in half the main square of felt and glue down with fabric glue. Once the glue has dried cut the shape of the top of crown. I did a basic shape with three ‘points’.

Basic crown shape

2. Sew around the outside of the crown about 5mm in from edge to give it a neat finish.

3. Pin and sew the length of  ribbon across the width of the crown about 1.5 cm from bottom of the crown, making sure that it is evenly placed so that the excess ribbon either side of crown is even. I used petersham ribbon as it’s not too slippery to sew with and I like the matte finish.

pin and sew ribbon in place

4. Start cutting and playing around with the placement of ‘jewels’ and ‘diamonds’. This is a really good bit to get the kids involved with. Decorate your crown as you wish – but symmetry is key with the crown jewels!

use felt pieces to decorate

5. When you are happy with your arrangement, fabric glue everything in place and, once dried, sew/appliqué in place to secure and strengthen your design. I hand stitched a couple of bits in place too for added detail. I used metallic thread to make it more eye catching!

machine sew design in place

Of course, to make this more kid-friendly, you could keep it simple as a no-sew project (just use a bit more fabric glue) or you could make it more extravagant with the addition of buttons, sequins and stick-on gems!

“The Queen’s how old?!”

How are you celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday this weekend?


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