Novelty Project

How to make an Angry Birds Game

Half term is nearly upon us and I was really keen for this week’s project to be one for kids to join in with, and with my son super excited about the Angry Birds movie coming out, I’ve made this simple and NO SEW Angry Birds game – and the main ingredients are just a load of felt and fabric glue!

The object of the game is to stack the pigs and knock them over with the red and yellow Angry Birds from a few metres away. Simple!

You will need:

You will need…
  • 6 plastic cups
  • fabric glue (I use Fast Tack glue – it’s amazing)
  • fabric scissors
  • toy stuffing
  • black permanent marker (like a Sharpie)
  • felt 22×22 cm squares in yellow (x2), dark brown(x1), beige(x1), black (x2) white (x2) vibrant green(x3) 30x30cm squares in red (x1) and soft green (x1)

Approximate time needed: 4 hours

1.  To make the green pigs, first draw and cut out a paper template that fits neatly around the plastic cups: draw a horizontal line that is the diameter of the middle of the cup (here it is 21cm) then a vertical line that is the same length as the cup (here 8.5 cm) at the ends of the horizontal line draw another 8.5 cm line that is 2 cm lower than middle line then join tops and bottoms of the three vertical lines with a curved line. Cut this paper template out and use it to cut out 6 felt pieces in vibrant green. Then using the fabric glue wrap & stick the felt onto the plastic cups.

2. Cut by hand the features for the pigs (snout, mouth, nostrils, eyes, ears) and fabric glue into position. I Googled images of the pigs as there are different looking ones in the movie, I went for 3 regular green pigs, one with yellow crown, one with grey helmet and one with red moustache.

This bit is a particularly good stage where the little ones can help out!

3. To make ‘Red’ Angry Bird: Trace around a circlular pot of about 15 cm diameter onto red felt and cut 2 the same. Cut out by hand the features and glue onto one of the red circles. Then glue around most of the outside edge of this piece leaving a 2 inch gap without glue, place the other red circle on top and wait to dry completely.

4.  Once dry, you can turn the character the right way around using the 2 inch gap and fill with toy stuffing. Glue the remaining opening down, using a heavy book to hold in place while the glue dries.

5. To make ‘Yellow’ Angry Bird: Cut a 22×22 cm piece of yellow felt into four triangles. Using 3 of the triangles, overlap and glue into place, turn over to right side and cut and glue features onto the middle triangle. Once dry, fold down the two triangles either side one onto the other like a little parcel and glue into place.

6. Tuck in the bottom of sides a little to shape before filling with toy stuffing and glueing down.

Ready to play!?

The game can be added to with more pigs and Angry Birds, you could even use small cardboard boxes to make the stack of pigs more complex, like in the real Angry Bird game!


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