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How to Dip dye T-shirts


Spring was here – and then it wasn’t. What a shame we were teased with it, only to be winded with a cold snap that had me regretting packing away my tights and reaching for my husband’s oversized sweater.

However, on a more positive note, the warm weather 2 weeks ago did inspire me to roll up my sleeves, open the windows and do some dip-dying.

I’ve always thought it very sweet seeing siblings in matching/coordinating outfits, but have never really done that for mine, mainly because they are 4 years apart, and, because they each have their own individual style, it somehow feels like there has never been the right ‘look’ for them to both wear together…until now.

You will need:

  • garments to dip-dye
  • a hanger
  • salt
  • powdered fabric dye (I used Dylon orange, with the fish on the front)
  • pins
  • stopwatch or timer

Approximate time needed: 1 hour

you will need

1. First, make sure you spend time laying out what you need, and have a clear space set up for dying and rinsing.

2. Wet and wring dry the garment, so it is damp but not wet. This will make the dye ‘bleed’ into the area that will be left white at the top, and give a lovely graduated effect.

3. Lay out the garment on a flat surface, and pin on the side seams at the intervals you’d like the dye to graduate, the pins will be your guide when it comes to the ‘dipping’ part. I did 3 sections.

Pin at intervals as a guide

4. Make up the dye according to the packet instructions.

5. When you are ready to dye, put the garment on the hanger, and dip very quickly to your first set of pins and immediately lift up to the next set of pins, so the first section will literally have a couple of seconds in the dye. Depending on how rich you’d like your colour to be will depend on how long the garment is in the dye for. I did mine as follows: 1st set of pins – 2 seconds, 2nd set of pins – 1 minute, 3rd set of pins – 5 minutes.

6. Rinse in cold water until the water runs clear and then hang to air dry outside.


Please share any dying stories, hints and tips in the comments below – and let’s hope for warmer weather soon!


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