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How to make a Cloud Cushion

Dream Big

Perk up a grey day with this dreamy cloud cushion…

Yes I think I may be a little bit obsessed with cushions. I think it’s because they are quick to make and you can never have too many. They also make great gifts. (Look out for future cushion projects on the blog)!

This cushion looks great in my kids’ play area but I think it would be just as lovely in a baby’s room…and here’s how to make it:

You will need:

  • a 50 x 80cm piece of felt for the main cushion (I used real wool felt here as it feels nicer, saving standard craft felt for the eyes & cheeks)
  • two pieces of craft felt for eyes & cheeks (I used pink for cheeks & light blue for eyes)
  • coloured threads for the appliqué
  • a 50cm length of pom pom trim
  • black tapestry wool
  • fabric scissors
  • bondaweb
  • fabric pen or tailors chalk
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • toy stuffing
you will need…

Approximate time needed: 3 hours

1) draw a cloud shape onto your main colour felt using a fabric pen or tailors chalk (remembering that once it’s sewn & stuffed it will be smaller) cut out x2

draw & cut two pieces for the front & back of cushion

2) draw your eye design (x2) & cheeks (x2) onto the paper side of your bondaweb and cut roughly around the edge of your pencil line.


3) iron these onto the relevant coloured felts. I used a soft blue for eyes and baby pink for cheeks. Please note that bondaweb doesn’t actually work on felt past this stage. The idea here is that once you’ve ironed on and cut out the eye & cheek shapes the backing paper won’t lift off, so that once you have appliquéd them down (next stage) they have an excellent ‘crinkled’ texture which makes a great sensory feature for kids.

iron on and cut out

4) lay out your cut out bits to check it all looks nice…


5) using a complimentary colour thread, appliqué the shapes onto the front of the cushion.

6) now for the Pom Pom trim; layout the front piece of the cushion right side up, then the Pom Pom trim along the bottom edge of the cushion with Pom Poms facing ‘up’, then place back piece right side down on top, creating a little sandwich ready to pin and machine stitch. (This is very fiddly and I had to keep stopping to check the Pom Poms were behaving themselves).

7) turn the right way around and check all the trim is securely sewn in. Then using the embroidery tapestry wool, hand stitch the eyelashes and smile.

8) then right side to right side, machine sew a 1.5 cm seam all the way around the cushion, leaving a good opening to enable you to turn the cushion the right way round and stuff with toy stuffing.

9) once you are happy with your cushion sew up the opening by hand using a descreet stitch in matching thread.

Let me know what you think and if you make one I would love to see it! I also thought a smiling sun in a similar style would look good along side this….

AK x

p.s I don’t like to go all health & safety on here but please note that if this cushion is for a baby it should be used for decorative purposes only as babies and pom poms don’t mix…



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